Meet Author Leslie Glass

Leslie was raised in a family of trendsetters in entertainment and the arts. In her writing career, she was educated and mentored by some of the greatest writers and thinkers of our time. Her Philanthropic work and research in psychology, social issues, social media, and crime have given her books, articles, and movies a unique grittinyess and real life perspcective.

Leslie’s deep background and training in style, health, fitness, food combined with an enduring fascination with diverse cultures and the human condition, have drawn fans world wide to her sharp insights and often humorous enlightenment. Leslie is a passionate advocate for addiction prevention, education, community solutions and celebration of recovery. We are survivors, too.

Leslie’s first feature documentary, “The Secret World of Recovery” was the first to go behind the rehab doors to show life and on the other side of addiction. Now available on Amazon.

Leslie’s second documentary, The Silent Majority, is currently distributed through American Public Television to all PBS Stations Fall 2014. Check with your local PBS Station for Schedules

  • USA Today/New York Times Bestselling Author
  • Lauded Journalist
  • Writer/Producer of Documentary Films
  • Recovery Advocate
  • Founder of Reach Out Recovery
  • Frequent Guest Speaker


Leslie Glass is the Producer and Director of Groundbreaking Documentaries about Prevention and Recovery From Addiction.

The Secret World of Recovery

A documentary that follows the journey of veteran novelist/journalist, Leslie Glass, and her columnist/screenwriter daughter, Lindsey Glass, as they travel the country reporting on treatment and attitudes about addiction from addiction. A positive documentary of hope, celebration and family rebuilding, The Secret World of Recovery was the first documentary to go beyond the rehab doors to show there are many paths to recovery from addiction and what it takes for families to heal. The Secret World of Recovery received Honorable Mention at the 2012 Voice Awards and is available for sale on Amazon and licensing for public screenings and Treatment Centers.

PBS Special The Silent Majority

Ever Wonder how to help teens stay drug and alcohol free? The Silent Majority is a positive documentary about teens and college students impacted by five unique programs that change their lives forever. D-Fy, addiction prevention; Teen Court, intervention; Watch Your BAC, education; Above The Influence, media; and Road Recovery are highlighted to show millions of at risk teens and their families how programs that help them make healthy choices can be contagious and benefit whole communities. The Silent Majority was distributed by American Public Television with PBS WEDU as presenting station. The program was streamed to all PBS stations on September 7, 2014 and will be broadcast on PBS stations as their schedules permit.  In The Majority is a curriculum of teen empowerment based on the film for schools and after school programs, parents. Contact for more information and how to bring the program to your teen’s school or program.

Reach Out Recovery

Leslie Glass and her daughter Lindsey are Co-Founders of the Nonprofit Organization Reach Out Recovery. ROR’s mission is to help lift the stigma of addiction and carry the message of hope for recovery to restore lives of everyone affected by addiction and positively impact communities worldwide. Reach Out Recovery’s mission of education, awareness, and fundraising for recovery programs nationwide will be achieved through partnerships with corporations, agencies, foundations, the creation of films, other media campaigns. ROR is a tax exempt 501C3 non profit. Visit Site»

Leslie's Blog

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